EntwicklerCamp 2006 - on the road home now...

We dug the car out of the snowbank, returned Volker to his car (lack of snow tyres meant he had to leave it somewhere safe), and followed him down the autobahn to Frankfurt. Its difficult following Volker as he's (a) a Local and understands how autobahns work, and (b) he's in a very fast sports car and we were in a 407 estate diesel..

Almost missed the flight - its a silent airport and we were in the pub adjacent to the gate - and thought that 20 minutes was more than enough. Some on the run-begging got us on however..

It was different - its the first time I've spoken at a German conference, and the more reserved crowd reaction made it difficult to read the audience's mood. But certainly something I'd like to do again. The location - a lovely hotel in the hills - was covered in snow. Making it look rather like the hotel from "The Shining". Its also the first conference I've seen with a free bar. Every night. Something that I think did more for networking than anything else... Mind you, on the first night I couldnt find my hotel room and ended up bunking with Paul who had the cheek to complain about my snoring. Honestly..

It was also great to spend some real time with Volker Weber - I didnt realise that he's a dual PCLP in v4-v6 Lotus Notes, and dual CLP in ND7. This is a smart, certfied, technical guy. Wise. Oh - and putting my scottishness to shame - has never paid for an exam yet!. We're not worthy.... He did an amazing job of selling the whole Mac experience - laptop, software and iPod - to Paul. Funny. All we need is Lotus notes designer on the Mac, and I'd do it in a heartbeat

From a personal perspective, it was really good to meet someone who was inspired by my "object orientated lotusscript" presentation from Lotusphere, and has taken the ideas and ran with them. Its very flattering to think that I've made a small difference somewhere. Makes me want to keep it up. Sorry, folks...

Paul and I did "Worst Practices" - the slides are on his site, and I also did a "Beyond Lotusscript - Walk on the wild side" presentation thats available on the hadsl website.