EntwicklerCamp 2006

What a journey. Paul Mooneys flight from Dublin to Edinburgh was late - and he had to run the length of Edinburgh airport. Just to find me sitting in the pub. And then onto Frankfurt on a very efficient Lufthansa flight. Pity the only food was a miniscule cheese sandwich. And then the walk around Frankfurt airport, finding the Hertz desk. GPS system installed, and we hit the road.

With Paul navigating and the GPS talking us down, we hit Kassel at 11:30. Unfortunately, the wrong street. Much cursing later, we found what we thought was the hotel. In darkness. God. 10 minutes walking around in the snow, and we found the hotel bar, and the door. Phew. And kept it open till 4am..

This morning's presentation - an overview of different development technologies - went down well. Well, no-one threw anything at me.

Slides will be available soon on the left hand pane.. Tonight, Paul and I will practice, and tomorrow present the "Worst Practices" gig again.