For the last three days, I've felt really ill. Sore back, lack of sleep, sore stomach, the lot. Horrible. It got to the point that I needed a quick 40 winks in the afternoon to get through the day. Call it "Great Uncle Bulgaria" syndrome.. And it would happen in a week at home! Dammit.

So last night I decided to poodle up to Aberdeen and have an unnoficial Scottish Notes User Group Xmas Party. Mr Domeclipse & Vinnie met the Zeb for the first time - something that I thought would tear the fabric of space/time itself. But no!

I then actually made the last train home (thanks to the cunning plan of setting my phone alarm, having the wife call me, etc, etc). This didnt stop me having to leg it along the platform, and collapsing like a bowl full of Jelly into the seat..

And after all that beer, crisps, etc, I got up this afternoon, and feel like a new man!

So there you have it. You might feel like crap, but a good old fashioned pissup always works...

Normal service has been resumed.