It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Way back in July, I took some time off for personal reasons, and as a result have had to work my hairy little butt off in order to make up on commitments. This has really came to a head in November, where I've been busier than a one-legged man at an arse-kicking competition.

This last 7 days for instance, I've been

  • working in Edinburgh - making a 5-7 hour transit each day on the train (depending on connections. Unbelievably, it was easier to get from my house to Glasgow - another 30 or so miles - than it is to get to Edinburgh.). The work in EDI has been lots of fun - but lots of it.

  • working on FirM. And learning new and interesting voodoo curses that I regularly hurl at the people who developed dot-net version 2, and in particular its visual basic interface with Active Directory, the file system and the security interfaces. Think Domino ACL's are hard ? Try AD ones. At least the Domino ones are well defined and documented...

  • Working on a workshop for BlackBerry.

  • Did I mention I'm off to Vienna this week to present at the View ?

  • SNUG stuff - such as organising the meeting next year. And Xmas parties this year. More on this later.

  • Trying to organise my Birthday Party at LotusFear.

  • Staring at the mound of receipts for the last three months that I've not filed or expensed for yet.

  • Spending two days just catching up on mail.

  • Oh. And to cap it all - trying to use a VMWARE partition to access my domino server - and failing. And then trying to use a Native Drive mapping to pull the Domino server into the partition - and corrupting my hard drive...

  • Preparing hard for the Sales call of the Century with FirM in two weeks time. Oh and the HADSL christmas party.

  • One sales call for FirM. On my day off. On Friday.

  • Friday. Well, I also had to hit the dentist for a check-up. No problems with my teeth, but a recurring abscess meant that the needles came out, a scalpel was applied, and I walked around the rest of the day with a frozen face.

  • I had a haircut. The only time I actually got to sit down in peace for more than 10 minutes

  • And of course my daughter had to be ran-aound - usually at the same time but in a geographically distant part of the county.

  • Since the missus was going out, I decided to head up to Aberdeen and meet up with Mr Domeclipse himself - Keith, and his buddy Vincent. A very surreal night was had by all, which I then ruined by missing my last train home, and spending sixty quid on a taxi. Mr Popular, I wasnt, when that was explained to SWMBO...

  • Saturday. I got to spend a whole extra half an hour in bed before hitting the keyboard again

  • And Sunday - in between all other deadlines, a family visit (which was great fun).

So. Very busy. If I've not got back to you - I'm sorry. But its been hell. This is why I'm writing my blog entry at 5.15am before heading for a shower, change of clothes, and the 100 mile trip into work this morning...  Hell, I've not even had time to get involved in all the bunfights this week!