Vegas. The party continues...

Just to catch up a little.

Since I arrived on Thursday and went to Penn and teller, Brian Benz was kind enough to act as a tour guide on Friday, taking his wife, myself, Debbie Lynd (the Boss over at the View) and her husband, the infamous Harry - out to the "Roadhouse" restaurant out near Brians house. Fantastic food, and sitting outside on the porch afterwards around an open fire convinced me that I need one of those. Its a sort of rockery affair with a part of a tree stump, and a gas burner making it look like a classic cowbow fire out on the pararie. I can just see myself sitting on my back porch, in the snow, being warmed by the fire. Fantastic.

Brian investigated getting one built, and it ran into thousands of dollars. I suggested he went more redneck, and just used a gas bottle and a lighter... It can be done cheaply.

Saturday was a late, slow, brused start to the day, and again Brian played at tour guide, and took me to Fire Valley. An amazing national park, with petroglyphs carved by the native american indians over 2,000 years ago. Amazing landscape  - more akin to the red dust of mars. Its a real history tour.

On the way home, we stopped off at the Ritz carlton casino at Lake Las Vegas. Amazing place. I mean, the strip super-casinos are *nice*, but the ones out at lake Las Vegas are beautiful. All clustered around a man-made lake, themed like an italian village. If you have to come to vegas, check out staying there instead of the middle of town.

Then onto the Rio, and the video-poker slots. Brian appeared to be far luckier than I, actually breaking even.. Evil machines. I recall the last time I was in Vegas, spending 12+ hours on these with Turtle...

Sunday, I hid in my room, cutting code and revising my sessions for Monday. Well, until the Lotus Crew hit town. Bob Balaban, Rocky, myself,. Rob Novak and his missus all hit the seafood place in the Rio, and had an excellent meal. Followed, inevitably by drinks. Bob had scoped out a wine cellare below the Masquerade village ("Redneck central") at the hotel, which was cool, quiet and not at all busy. The fantastic wines and really good company didnt hurt either.. Kathleen appeared, looking paler and more tired than I've ever seen her.

Monday. The View conference started in anger. I was down at 7am, prepping my presentation and catching up on the A/V check. The first presentation out of the box was an updated and more in-depth version of my Object Orientated programming session. A tough, mid to high level lotusscript programming session. The poor delegates were tired, hung over and didnt need quite this start to the conference.. Still, they gamely hung in there, and I saw quite a few "Wow" expressions in the audience. Gladdens the heart to see people "getting" object orientated programming. And still, the question over "Who uses the List" operator in Lotus Notes only got 5% of the audience responding. The rest sat in stunned silence I demonstrated a 25 line data synchonisation tool... Many had attempted this using arrays or NotesView lookups, and all understood just how much techniques such as lists and classes can be.

Lunchtime, and each of the "experts" had a lunch table of tolks to entertain. Good questions - ranging from the extremely new lotusscript programmer asking about complex  template inheritance, through to change control processes and so forth. Good fun.

In the afternoon, I went through my LotusScript best practices session - a good all-round romp around development topics. Far less challenging than the OO stuff, so a lot more happy faces during the session.

In the evening, Bob, Rocky, Myself, Mary Beth Raven, Rob and his wife went to Nobu in the Hard Rock hotel. Fantastic sushi. And not just the traditinal stuff. Pan fried tuna sashimi with peppers and garlic. Stunning stuff, great service. I've never eaten this well....

And back to the Rio, to the Cellar bar, for more fantastic wine..

Aside from the midnight phone call from the UK, followed by a 4.15 am phone call from the UK, and then a 6am phone call (Thanks Stephanie!) from the UK, the night would have been perfect....