Just catching up after an endless round of work, social commitments and FirM demonstrations. Phew!

Spamalot was fantastic. Chris was unenthsiastic at first, being the stiff-upper-lip englishman that he was, but soon got into it. A recommendation: DONT get the last seats on the back row of the Gods! It was like looking off a cliff! Pay the money and get something in the stalls...! Well recommended.

I'm in Edinburgh tomorrow, The Isle of Skye for three days next week, and then off to Vegas for the View Developer 2006 conference, where I understand that I'm already repeating two of my FIVE presentations. So if your going - I'll see you there. But it might not be the same 3am-in-the-bar Bill that you know and love. Well at last on Sunday-Tuesday night.. :-)  Mind you, on saying that, I *have* to see the Blue Man show... Wednesday night, anyone ?