Working hard in the City

On client site, internet access quite sporadic. If you need me in a hurry, eMail my HADSL account at

Walking to work this morning, and the Swiss Re "Erotic Guerkin" building's top was obscured by mist. Beautiful. If only you could "capture" what your eyes see...

Last night, I understood why every bloke should have a blackberry. Met up with Mike Smith of TurtleWeb - very cool guy. Neither of us had our mobile phone numbers, but found each other by BlackBerry. Thats what "persistently mobile" email in your pocket is all about..

Not got a Crackberry yet ? Its not expensive. BES is now free for < 10 users, and a handset will set you back 40 quid on eBay. Just get your SIM card enabled for Blackberrry - around 20 quid a month - and your off and running.

Now. How do you cement in your domino infrastructure ? Surface your domino applications on BlackBerry. How ? Very simple - I'm doing a presentation on this at the View in Vegas and Vienna. And doing a hands-on 2 hour workshop on this in Vienna. In 2 hours, you will learn how to web service enable a domino application, and use BlackBerry MDS studio to surface the application on your users Crackberries..