Its been a busy week...


Its been a busy few days. Last wednesday, I finished a contract job in Glasgow, and was straight on the plane to Vienna on the Thursday. SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) and I went to attend the Penumbra fall meeting. Thursday night at Livingstones (Its whisky menu - 500+ whiskies!), and then Friday for the meeting. (I wish I could talk about the meeting itself - fantastic fun, lots of hard technology, etc).

Friday night - we headed out to the Dialog Im Dunken - the Dialog in the Dark. Eight of us descnended into a basement world in complete darkness, armed with nothing more than our white sticks, and a blind guide. After three minutes in complete darkness, fear sets in. We walked around a garden, attempted to walk around a shop, cross a road, enter a bus, and finally - have a beer in the dark. Its a real - and I hate to say this - eye-opening event.

What about something like this at lotusphere where people are invited to navigate their own web sites using standard screen reading software.

Saturday, along with the meeting, we had a guided tour around St Stephens cathedral, and ascended the north tower.. Amazing.

Saturday night, we hit the White Chimneysweep for a 12-course taste of Austria. Fantastic.

Back on Sunday, and had to pull an all nighter, beating my head against really bad Microsoft .Net v2 documentation. I mean - really really bad... Monday, on customer site, and then down to London today. In London for this week and next, so looking forward to catching up with folks...