A Blackberry Day

Friday started off with me getting out of bed at 3am (which was a shame, as I only got there at 2am!), driving 100 miles to Edinburgh, Flying the 500 miles to Luton Airport, hiriing a car, and driving another 80 miles to Newbury, for some Blackberry training with Vodafone.

At 3am, there's not a lot of traffic on the dual-carriageway between Marykirk and Edinburgh, so you can really open up the Mini. Lovely. And in Luton, when I stumbled to the Europcar desk, and explained I had hired a "Matiz" with a look of horror on my face, they offered me a Merc C-Class for another five quid. Bonus! So I toodled down the M1, around the M25 (Largest car-park in Europe) and up the M4 in a lovely, automatic Merc. One can dream..

The training itself was great - Rob Owen of the Vofafone blackberry team gave us a day on Blackberry Enterprise server and Lotus Domino. Since I'd not really touched a blackberry before (yes, I know!), it was a bit of an eye-opener.

So why ? Well, we were investigating whether we could automate the management of users and handsets on the Blackberry enterprise server from FirM. So far - we're confident, but need a test rig up and running to confirm before we make any rash promises. By Lotusphere, I suspect we'll have an answer

The journey home was less interesting. Luton airport by 6:30pm, and waited till 10pm for my flight - finally got home and collapsed into bed around 1am. A very very long day

So. Blackberries. Vodafone are certainly still supporting them, idiot litigation notwithstanding. And folks in the UK are still buying them like crazy. Well, lets face it - they're quite easy to use and more robust than Pocket-PC/Windows mobile devices. So I think it'll be an interesting time ahead.

So interesting in fact I scored a Blackberry handset (color, etc) off eBay tonight for the grand total of 24 quid - and spent three hours upgrading the nightmare Windows mobile phone to the latest bios to use the Blackberry connect on there too...