"Mild" Bill...

Lots of folks will have blogged the closing session. It'll be a few more days until all this information has soaked in and I can actually put more than bulletpoints together... :

  • The new VP of marketing Surjit Chana, Vice President, Marketing and Partners (whos name I cannot for the life of me remember   more on that later) stood on stage and promised that they would now rebut competitive bullsh*t within 24 hours. For which he got a standing ovation. Cool guy.

  • The comedian - Jim Garrety I think - was both hilarious and obscene. You could hear the collective intake of breath of the "American Taliban" members of the audience. The grown-ups however loved it.

  • Lotusphere 2007 will start on the 21st of January

  • The Boxing gloves sold out on 2 HOURS, and as Coatsie has already indicated, I got him a pair, and they're selling on ebay for double-treble of the amount.

  • Blackberry is hot. And the guys @ blackberry are good guys - they threw an astounding party on Tuesday (which then turned into Canada night). Met the guys who technically support Blackberry ISV's and got in the space of three minutes confirmation that I *could* programmatically disable/enable blackberries, and a card for a customer (who was standing there) who does it already. I have a good feeling about being a Blackberry partner.. Oh - and the MDS toolkit for Blackberry allows you to write in about seven clicks a web service consumer app for the handsets...

  • The Irish pub at Downtown is just another big pleasure-island fake. You cant actually buy a round at the bar for your mates - its the Disney "You all have to be there". And whilst the waitress was pretty, the service was *slow*.

  • The Aukema Brothers of Trust Factory had another amazing year at the Fear. Their DNA product has now got the attention of VP layer guys in IBM. I can feel in my water that they'll have an amazing year this year. Go for it fellas!

  • DONT try and urinate outside on the grass as the sprinklers start, as one Dutch fellow (no, not the Aukemas) found out.

  • Hannover is very slick - the little I saw of it personally.

  • DONT try and do  four presentations, run a stand, do business, attend presentations AND try and hit every party at Lotusphere. Its physically impossible.

  • I'm in the closing video - my fifteen minute comedy monologue was shortened to "Wear sensible shoes..". God, I wish I did.

  • In the closing session, Four bloggers were singled out - Paul Mooney (who also won a pair of Lotus Boxing gloves for his RedBull rebuttal), Declan Lynch, Ben Poole and Warren Elsemore. We now have a "Gang of four"..

  • My Back finally locked up completely in Kimonos' last night, and I had to forgoe the "IBM are paying for drinks" party in Jelly Rolls last night - the new VP gave out wristbands to the "Gang of Four" bloggers. And I had to forgoe the "Empty the mini-bar" party at Paul Mooneys room. Hence the change in name from "Wild Bill" To "Mild Bill".. Oh - and the reason they stayed up to 6am ? Libby had a 7am flight and they couldnt let her sleep.

  • Duffbert dancing in the Irish bar. "My eyes, they burn!"

  • Rumours from one senior Lotus Exec that "only half of the good stuff has been talked about so far" has been described by another Lotus Exec as "Bullshit". Now - this could be true, or this could be another "Spy versus Spy" fabrication to keep us all on our toes. I *do* know the guys in Westford and Kansas have done some pretty amazing stuff in the last 12 months, and I pity poor Redmond in trying to keep up.

  • Business is up, confidence is up, customers are paying money again, and confidence in the Domino platform is now completely restored. Its an amazing feeling standing (hobbling on painful feet!) in the BP showcase, feeling the buzz around you.

  • Wearing a Kilt on Stage for your taped presentation is not the most sensible thing in the world..

  • Paul Mooney - the wee irish b*stard - shoved me on stage for the worst rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody in the world at Kimonos. I'm truly sorry for anyone who had to listen to me stumble through it. I cant sing, as I'm sure you'll all attest. And some of the words did get changed around.. No-one actually threw anything at me, which is surprising. Bear in mind that I got thrown out of a Karaoke bar in Addlestone for precisely the same thing...

  • Quiet day in the hotel, sipping water and popping ibuprofen.

Lotus CANNOT put on more than one Lotusphere in a year.. They'd KILL their customer base!

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