Lotusphere. Day 4. Aaaaaand Relllllaaaaaaxxxxxx

Paul Mooney and I have just presented our "Worst Practices" again - the room - a "biggie" - was packed out and we overflowed twice too. Good fun.

Again - Paul was far far more polished than I - so I hope that the powers that be recognise his talent and make him a permanent fixture.

Thanks to Ed and Rocky for allowing us to do ths - I have no doubt that the conservative, ultra-professional IBM organisation thought that this may have been a huge risk, and I'm sure Ed and Rocky had to do a lot of convincing to make this happen. Thanks guys.

(I know this is starting to sound like an oscar acceptance speech.. I'll stop rambling now)

So. What else ?

  • My "OO Lotusscript" presentation yesterday was fun. A little faster than last year, and thanks again to my poor attendees who had to listen to me. I believe I overflowed that room too.

  • The party was at Seaworld - which is cool. Seaworld has the biggest coaster in Orlando - so after we'd grabbed some beers, it was coaster time. I managed it twice (actually the back row was more fun than the front). I did *not* wear my kilt for that, you'll be glad to know. Oh  - and saving your voice for tomorrows presentation by screaming like a girl on the coasters is *not* recommended

  • Roy for some reason believed that they fed Anteaters to the sharks. I know. Surreal.

  • My feet had finally decided to stop working, so it was a early night for me. Seriously. I have to get far fitter and loose lots of weight before next year so  I can party as hard as I used to in my youth...

  • Mac Guildera's presentation on DXL and Ajax in Domino rocked. Absolutely stunning stuff. Must see.

  • The BP showcase finished yesterday at 5pm, so ourselves and the Percussion guys cracked open the bottle to celebrate

  • The BP showcase was busy - and big customers were down there talking big projects and big money. Very good news after the last few flat years.

  • Just about to run on stage at the Gurupalooza event. Sitting there on stage, listening to my fellow presenters answer *all* the questions reminds me that I have got a long long way to go....

Sorry to the guys and girls who couldnt go this year. I personally think it was the best yet - I heard that they ran out of backpacks, and over 400+ people just *appeared* on Monday. So numbers are up, confidence is up, technology is up. Partly to the extremely good stuff we're getting from Westford, and partly due to the Rubbish thats coming out of Redmond.

The idea that "notes is dead" is dead. Forbes, MS, Radicati - your hats are awaiting you - its time for you to start eating them...

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