Day three.


  • My feet officially hurt now.

  • Lots of high-quality stand traffic- especially via the Notes Tool Network

  • Parties

    • Altis at ESPN. Very cool

    • Blackberry at Swan. Nice guys, lots of folks.

    • Geek dance at the boardwalk. Excellent - chatted to lots of folks, and danced the night away

  • Paul Mooney and I presented "Worst Practices" this morning at 8:30. By 8:15 the room was full - I did the "pre-show" entertainment (Sorry to the guy on the phone). Paul had really polished his part and went really well. Lots of folks (including the lady security guard!) said they enjoyed it. And lots of folks gave us even more material for tomorrow. Snicker, snicker... Shall I wear the kilt ?

  • Ed Brills "The boss loves MS.." was its usual excellent source of competitive information. Paul Mooney won a set of boxing gloves for his review of "Red Bull"..

  • Am currently standing outside, revising my OO presentation - 3pm, Swan 1-2... It'll be goooooood!

  • Volker gave us the "coolest stand giveaway" prize for our domino sets..

  • Stop by the stand (#226!) today and say hi!

Gotta run - sorry for the hit-and-run blogging...

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