Lotusphere day 2

Oh my life:

  • Opening general session was fun. Sametime. Think "sametime". Think 12-18 months of successful, silent, dev. Cool.

  • Macintel notes. Cool, eh ?

  • Linux workplace client. Soon. Nice

  • Web services from ND7 right down to Blackberry via MDS. Right now.

  • Buzz on the floor is good. We're getting high value customers seeking us out, who appear to be ready to spend money. I've ordered my Ferrari.

  • Cool products and giveaways on the floor. But *everyone* wants our stainless steel domino set. Nice.

  • Got Boxing gloves for Coatsie, of course.

  • Wearing a kilt is dangerous around drunk geeks.

  • Bruce Elgort really pounds those drums.

  • Michael Chapmann-Pincher plays a mean guitar.

  • Most geeks cant sing.

  • We've not cracked open the stand bottle of Aardberg 10-year old. yet....

  • My voice has gone.

  • A linux laptop doesnt drive an overhead projector well.

Phew. Busy, busy, busy...

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