Lotusphere - day 1

Its the opening general session in three minutes. I'm sitting behind Gary Devendorf (No, he's not the Red Bull guy) at the front on the right. The kilt seems to have caused a stir - certainly at security. Spotted Ed at the front and said "Hi" - he's his usual hyperactive self. Unusually, for Lotuspehre, he's actually standing in one place for more than 3 minutes - but I dont think he's enjoying it.

Being a member of Penumbra means that I've a fairly shrewd idea whats coming - I'm hoping to be surprised and amazed.

(Nothing quite as odd as a short fat scotsman in a kilt running down the aisle, bowling old ladies and geeks out of the way.. )

Right, as they're being called out, here's the high points and my opinion of them

  • Mike Rhonin is on stage right now
  • 2,800 workplace customers, 750 WSE BP's

  • 125m Domino customers


  • Keynote speaker Jens Alexander (the short guy out of Seinfield). Not William Shatner, not Richard Attenborough. Big message about independent film makers using digital to democratise the media market. Doubly ironic given that Gary @ Microsoft is on the front row - one of the companies determined to DRM their customers to death.

  • Mike's back on stage

    • "Our community define collaboration. Our competitors follow slowly"

    • Openness.

    • First Demo - VP - Ken Bisconti

    • Notes 7 Macintosh - sametime built in. Firefox on Mac supported by DWA. Oh - and it'll be supported on Mac/Intel as well as Mac/Power. Cool or what ?

    • Project "Wanda" - Roaming Notes client on a USB stick. (Cool name, BTW)

    • More SAP integration. Q2.

    • BES 4, Domino 7, Domino apps - sametime - deliver to ANY blackberry device. Very tight sametime integratio. Domino Apps provided by web services to the blackberry and updates in real time - which is very very cool

    • Google desktop search now support notes - very slick

    • Mikes back

    • Sametime now talks to AOL, Yahoo, Google talk.

    • Craig Hayman. Sametime 7.5 - in the summer. Voice chat - same codex as Skype, dancing gifs, rich text. Pluggable applications.Biggest cheer for a screen grabber which allows you to cut+paste part of the screen into the chat. Now demoing voice chat. Integration with google maps. Has instant polling, etc. Oh - on Linux and on Mac as well as Windoze. Big cheer for the Linux client

    • Sametime web access - revised - much nicer UI.

    • 15m customers, 25 over 100k , 8/10 banks,.. pharma, use sametime. 3 out of 4 of the most profitable companies use Sametime.

    • Opinion:? Wow. IBM have invested heavily in Sametime - it looks fantastic, it has some amazing connectivity, VOIP, apps etc. Its a keeper.

    • IBM Forms - the puredge stuff - demo. Portal based forms stuff - but now works in Domino too.

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