Lotusphere 2006 -day -1...

Wow. What a blast

  • Penumbra dinner was fun - I turned up in my kilt, and Bob Balaban turned up in a Tux. He did look like the guy off the top of the wedding cake.

  • Sat next to Gloria Flaherty of the BP forum fame. What a nice lady - and very patient with the partners in the forum.

  • Mike Rhonin - I presented him with our "stainless steel" domino set, and an apology for last years "cruton" incident.

  • After the Penumbra dinner, off to the Turtle party (Thanks to George C for the lift). As I walked in, I got a cheer.

  • Speed networked the entire party in about 15 minutes.

  • The kilt is a babe magnet. You could dress a pig in a kilt, and he'd still be a babe magnet.

  • Paul Mooney had everyone sing happy birthday to me. I know where you live Paul, and I *will* get you back

  • Ended up in Newbs room for a "sip-off" - that is, his family (Old Rip van Winkle) 20-year old burbon versus an 18 year old Col Isla.

  • Damien Kats is far smarter, taller and wiser than any human deserves to be. Very very cool guy - he's wearing an "HADSL" badge - so catch up with him.

  • 4am - wandering home barefoot and kilted - my feet were killing me.

  • Stand setup time today.

  • DONT try and dual-head a linux laptop machine - or at least *my* linux machine...

Our stand giveaway - the stainless steel domino set - has been judged the absolutely coolest stand giveaway this year. Pop by Ped #226 and check it out. And say hi.

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