Films and their new warnings

A little off topic, but the amazing Dave Clark and I were down the pub tonight, and we got onto the conversation of these new "nanny state" warnings you see in movie trailers. For instance, a "U" certificate film ("Universal" - for all ages) might show the caption "Warning - contains scenes of Mild Peril".

Which is complete and utter "political correctness" and "nanny state" gone wild. Really. When you were a kid, you loved blood and gore and being scared. It was part of the movie. Now kids are wrapped up in cotton wool, forbidden to go outside, and as a result end up being lawyers or some such thing. Horrible

So think of the movies you used to watch as a kid, and the sort of bollocks caption they would have nowadays. Some to start you off

  • Dumbo  Contain some scenes of hallucinogenic origin

  • Gone with the wind  Contains mild adult language (unless the buggers bleeped it out!)

  • Bambi  Contains animal suffering and death

  • Sleeping Beauty  Contains a small prick

Does that kill the films for you ? Come on folks, think of some more!