Microsoft Application Analyser.

Michael Kogler, ex-head of Lotus Consulting, Netherlands, and now in Microsoft, made this statement:

Microsoft produces new Lotus-to-Exchange migration tools

Microsoft has produced a series of new tools to help people move from Lotus Notes to its Exchange Server. The release comes less than a week before IBM's annual conference for Lotus users.
here. Which is a shame, as

  • According to Paul Mooney, the "new" Application Analyser is even less useful than the old one. All it does is produce a report saying "Migrate to Microsoft". But not how (unless you just run standard notes templates).

  • There is NO magic "application migration" tool that will take Lotus Notes applications and put them in sharepoint or any other MS "rip and replace" "this years collaboration framework". why?

    • Its very very hard. Notes has a seven layer, PKI security model. MS doesnt

    • Notes supports Javascript, Java, Lotusscript, @formula language. MS has VB, and some mashup of C++ called C#

    • Notes has a rich document store, where you can bung in anything you like. MS either has the wildly unreliable Jet engine (Exchange, Access, AD), or SQL. No "object stores" there

    • Notes applications have replication - the abililty to move the database and the associated application logic around. MS has a swamp of DLL's and installers

  • Now normally this sort of statement is spewed out of the MS community as soon as they get it passed down from Marketing, with absolutely no connection to reality. But in this case, given Michaels background in LPS (before he started up a dot-com bubble burnout and then joined MS), you just have to state for the record that We knows that there is no tooling, and He knows that there is no tooling. I pity any customer relying on his blog for actual information in this respect

  • I would have posted a blinder of a comment on this piece on his blog - but he has comments turned off. So its more of a write-only blog (or "slideware") than a blog itself

So Michael, the only thing in your blog entry that is actually correct is that Lotusphere starts on Sunday. Fancy coming ?

(There's an MS tradition, where they try and put out a "spoiler" in the week before Lotusphere. I dont think this is the one, as its weak even by their low standards..)