Opera Mini -and of course the current Outlook story...

My life recently has been blighted by my phone - a Pocket PC/Windows mobile thingie. It kept crashing - usually whilst trying to answer calls. It would actually "pair" its bluetooth port with an external headset. Nothing worked, basically.... Its about a year old, so I was ready to bin it. One last attempt to make it worthwhile - O2 had released a new Bios for it which included Blackberry support.

Four hours later (microsoft "rip and replace" upgrade of course), and it was back up and running. And surprisingly stable. The microphone worked. The sync worked with Notes (Extend PC) and even MS ActiveSync (which is one of the worst examples of buggy code that I can think of) behaved itself.

However, despite the large screen, I long gave up web browsing using the inbuilt MS explorer. It basically was rubbish. Till today - Coatsie put a link up for "Opera Mini". Wow.. 10 mins max to download and run - and it gives you a rapid (well, rapid by GPRS standards in any case) web browsing experience. Its actually usable!

The Phone from Hell might not actually get binned. Between Blackberry, Skype (it has Wifi), Opera and the notes sync software, its useful. And I have the option of putting TomTom on it for navigation (as I did with my bike trip this year).

Still need more than 24 hours battery life, a louder ring tone, and iTunes for it though...

So the lesson here is - buy MS crap if you really want to. Just expect to replace ALL the applications on there with better, free ones from other vendors

And onto MS Crap. It would appear that given a week, just about any script-kiddie out there could OWN all outlook clients. Even the new "secure" ones. Honestly. How many times will businesses out there take the repeated risk of buying from a monopoly player who clearly hasnt a clue when it comes to security ? Look - if your running outlook client out there - you WILL be owned and you ARE a target for viruses/trojans. Is the so-called ease of use of Outlook worth the risk ? Choose life.