Some sort of millstone I guess..

I was interested - after seeing a number of "I've blogged 500/1000 entries" posts around the place how many I'd done. This will be number 1,006 in this database - which really kicked off life in February 2003. Before that, I had a hoorrible home-brew one doing something similar - so perhaps another 500+ posts going back to 2000. Of course, then, it wasnt blogging. It was "talking rubbish on your personal website". I'm sooo glad the term "Blog" was invented to legitimise what would otherwise just be a narcarcisstic rant..

Another "feature" of this site is the "link" section on the right. From its humble, hand-cranked beginnings, to now, there's about 10,000 links in there. Links about Notes, links about motorbikes, but the biggest category is certainly "Bizarre"... You could spend a lot of time and sanity in there..

So whats ahead ? More of the same, I guess. Lots of "Ha-ha" style rants about big companies screwing up (Vista, Exchange, XBox-360, OS/2, "Notes is Dead", etc), and lots of drools on new tech (Tiger/Intel, iPods, PS3, Workplace) and lots of idle speculation on where all this stuff is going. One thing I've been very *bad* at is actually spending the time and constructing decent articles - there are *some* helpnotes on the bottom right, but not proper thinkpieces.. I guess I've got to do some more of those soon.. What else would you like to see me do ?

I shall leave you with a quote:

Time flies like an arrow.... Fruit flies like a banana... -- Groucho Marx