The Edinburgh Fireworks

What are the Edinburgh Fireworks. Boom!Well, the scottish Chamber Orchestra serenades a crowd of about 500,000, backed up by 10 tonnes of high explosives. The fireworks are launched from the most flameproof structure in Edinburgh - the Castle itself. An amazing backgroup. Fantastic fun.

This year - as it would appear we manage to do every year - we won some "garden" tickets in the lottery back in May. So this year, two good friends - David and Krissie - got the dubious pleasure of supper at Howies (the one in Waterloo Place - very very good). It must be pointed out that my darling wife and Krissie spent most of the meal trying to chat up the poor Antipoodean waiter...

Then on to sit on the ground in Princes Street Gardens for an hour or so, waiting for the explosions to start.

This year, we managed to get a place where we could see the castle parapets, but our right-hand side was obscured by a tree. (Note to self - After 15 years of attending these, I should actually have the "perfect spot" burned into my mind by now!).

Ahh. Lovely.

The usual "hour to get out of Edinburgh" nightmare (where bizarrely all the traffic was funneled up and round Charlotte square before being returned back to Queens street - how pointless was that ?), then another hour home in the new Mini. When you dont actually drive with the right foot glued to the floor all the time, its quite civilised, and quite economic in terms of fuel. I would never go as far as saying the sports chassis is "comfortable" though...