Developers! Get Camtasia NOW

Over at, we develop a complex, expensive product. And we have to communicate how that product works, and communicate that quickly and well.

The guys at TechSmith have done a fantastic job in helping us with two of their products. Snagit, and Camtasia. Snagit is yet another screen capture/grabber, but one so slick and helpful it helped me capture 300+ screenshots for our FirM manual in two days, resizing, chopping and pasting out text. Well worth it. (The FirM manual, BTW, is here. 200+ pages of technical glory.)

The second product -  Camtasia - helps you construct talk-through demos of code on screen, and then save them as window movie files, quick time movies, shockwave, whatever. And builds up HTML pages for that too. You can see my attempts at screencams here.

(No laughing in the audience. I took 150+ attempts to do this - I kept forgetting my lines, the dog kept barking, the wife shouted in the background. I have 149 of them where the last words on tape are "oh. f**k!".. No - no bloopers track)

Both products are lifesavers and well worth purchasing. And both products have more features than you can shake a stick at - but are usuable with absolutely no learning (well, if your technically capable. This rules out sales guys..)