Its time I had a mid-life crisis

A mini adventure

So after the Audi Burnt, I needed a new car. I thought - well, I've done two seaters, I've done people carriers, I've had a 4x4, I've had a nice comfy sedan. Whats next ?

Oh yeah. FUN.

So this morning, I picked up a Mini Cooper S. I wont bore you too much with the specs - its FAST. Its had a herd of cows slaughtered to cover the interior. Its a hoot. And of course I had to put a roof decal on

Did I mention it was FAST ?

Thinking about it - could this be a new coatsie-mobile? After all, it has similar performance but more boot space than the MX-5?

What a week. ND7 gets released. I get a new Mini-Cooper. The Sony PSP comes out. All this needs now is Scotland to win the world cup...