When was the last time you did something spontaneous?

Hacking away on FirM RC2.1 last night, and the wife came through, waving a telephone number. "Its for free tickets for an Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Show". So I dialed. Then she came back through and said - "Wait, its for tonight".


"Yeah. Go for it".

So we had literally 5 minutes to pack, throw the kid in the car and scream off down to Edinburgh, picking up Ashleys' mate on the way. Made it with 30 minuites to spare, and sat in the audience for "Live at the Fringe", which ironically isnt live, as its going out on Thursday.

2 hours - from 11:15 till 1:15am - to tape a 45 minute show. Long, but very very funny. Especially the ozzie comedians song about "Juicing the girl from the juice bar"...