Poets day!

As in "P*ss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday!".

Its end-of-project time here at Buchan Acres, and as usual its a mixed bag of feelings. Pride that the impossible has been done, sadness to leave behind whilst so much other good work can be done, relief that I can actually sleep in my own bed for a while, and anticipation on the next piece of work.

This is one of the nicest parts of being a consultant - you get to come in, effect large amounts of change in a controlled manner, watch your baby take its first faltering steps, then - whoosh - its onto the next piece of work.

Its also a good time to take stock, look around and see what I could do after the next (short) piece of work has been done. Another infrastructure project ? Some hard core-app dev ? More FirM sales ?

Is there sufficient customer traction with Workplace, for instance, to committ the time+energy to that new platform, or should I hunt around for more of the same Domino work ?