So what about a Lotus UK User group then?

Many moons ago, I helped form and run the European Lotus cc:mail user group. It was set up with the broad aim to help cc:mail customers network, gain knowlege and allow communication between Mountain View (Hubert - where art thou?) and the user base.

Various two-day conferences followed at Heathrow - usually with 400-500 participants from all over Europe. A lot of good, and a lot of fun.

After seeing (and contributing a little to ) the success of the Irish User group, this begs the question - shall we set up a UK one ?

I know that Ben Rose is very keen to get this set up and running. And whilst I will make every effort to help, I cannot be in London all the time.

So I'm suggesting that us Scottish Notes users get together for a beer+curry session on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and run as a sub-chapter of the UK user group.

Who'd be interested in meeting up after the Versko ND7 "live" event in Edinburgh (at IBM's "Buchan House") on the 15th of September to discuss and/or set this up, over a few beers ?