ND7 is available for Download

From the Partnerworld download area at least! And Sametime 7.0 is there too!

This means that Steve Castledine is the winner of the sweepstake! My entry - Yesterday - failed to come through. This means I owe Steve a beer next time I bump into him.

Customers. It may take another 5-10 working days for this to become available to you (I'm guessing from previous releases). Now's a good time to be nice to your helpful business partner.

Lets just remember. This is over a MONTH early - from the "end of Q3" projected ship date we were given over a year ago. Four successful public betas, no major feature drop (unlike MS's "everything gets ditched *and* we miss our ship date by two months).

Congratulations to the guys at Westford for an outstanding job. Good work!

Postscript: Downloaded, upgraded four servers, and two clients ALREADY. Looks good!