"You put your WinFS in, WinFS out, in, out, in, out, and shake it all about"

Confused ? I sure am.

WinFS - the new super-duper file system that was going to be the heart of Vista, as you recall, was publically pulled out of Vista, leaving a lot of us concluding that Vista was nothing more than XP service pack 3.

And now today, the voice of MS - Scoble himself - states that WinFS is now back in play, and actually runs on Windows XP.

So. WinFS is In. Then its out. Now its back In. But doesnt require Vista anymore.

So. This begs the question:

  • Could Microsoft's product management organise a piss-up at a brewery ? Apparently not. It must be incredibly frustrating for all those very very smart developers at MS to be hobbled at every corner by such inept middle managers. Guys, I feel for you. Remember, these pencilknecks are VIP's - Vest in Peace.

  • What now is the reasoning to upgrade to Vista if/when it finally appears ?

Is this positive news, neutral, bad ? Is this indicitive of crisis management ? Has the OS/x move to intel scared Redmond ? Linux ?

I'm very very glad I dont hold MS stock at the moment, given all the pressures they're under at the moment. God knows what the analysts are thinking.

(Whoah - stop - I know what one analyst is thinking - "whoooooooossssssshhh" - the sound of the sea... Guess which one ?)