Consuming Soap from the Notes Client.

I found a fantastic tutorial on the IBM web site that outlines how to use ND7 as a web service provider. Easy, simple, etc, and very very well written. As a throwaway comment, he suggested using the MS Soap toolkit for consuming web applications.

So - is this easy ?

Well. Here's a web service consumer written in Lotusscript. It uses the MS Soap object as an object, so this should work right back to v4 of notes:

sub initialize

    'Create a new MSSOAP client object

    Dim client As Variant

    Set Client =CreateObject("MSSOAP.SoapClient")

    'Initialize connection to the WSDL file and get WSDL structure

    Call Client.mssoapinit ("http://localhost/testWebServices.nsf/Simple?wsdl")

     'Call our simple 'sendJoke1' function provided by Web service

    Dim result As String

    result = Client.sendJoke1()

    'output result to message box

    Messagebox result, 48, "Get Joke"

end sub


So. Web service created in ND7, taking all of five minutes. Consumer code, runnable on any version of notes (on windows) and off you go.