The ND7 Sweepstakes. Guess the release date!

Its nearing the middle of Q3 - the expected ship quarter for Lotus Domino.

We've had four public betas, of amazing quality over the last year.

And I predict that we'll see live shipment of ND7 within a few days. Nailing my guess to the wall, I think next Monday 29th August....

Closest guess gets a beer!

(And be prepared for a storm of adverse spin from Redmond, claiming that they've poached the entire westford team, that Notes is dead, that workplace is king, that they have a migration tool that actually works, that sharepoint can actually scale, that they've integrated Groove into Office, that the sky is about to fall down, etc, etc. It stems from the confusion at the heart of their "collaboration" strategy - an empty vessel causes most noise, it would appear.)

Footnote; What did I say ? Dan Lyons of is out there again, touting incorrect figures, and using Radicati figures again. What was it Volker said ? Oh yeah - "Dont mud-wrestle with a pig - you get dirty and the pig enjoys it". Another "straight to the shredder" piece of Spin from Dan...