How to be a culture Vulture...

This weekend, the missus and I headed off to Edinburgh, to do lots of cultural things...

This started off with a performance of "Somebody shut her up" - which was interesting observation on chav-etts over the years...

Onto the Amateur Transplants. Two medics with far far too much talent on their hands. Such classics as "Careless Surgeon" (to the tune of careless whisper), and "London Underground" (to the tune of "Going Underground". Hilarious, Tom-Lehrer insired lunacy. Their album is on the net, and all proceeds go to Macmillian Cancer research. (Oh, the content has swearwords, so if your easily offended - get a life).

We nabbed tickets for Dara O'Briain at midnight in the assembly rooms - the second time we've seen him in this room in the last two weeks. The room itself is where the scottish parliament used to debate before moving off to the 500m monstrosity that is the new parliament building. And the room itself is used by the Church of Scotland - so its adorned with portraits of John Knox. Calvanism (no, not the cartoon) was invented there.

So doubly ironic for a dubln catholic boy then.

God. Dara is intense. His way of "keeping the energy up" is to talk at least four times faster than I could possibly talk. Wow. So we saw at least three hours material, packed into 70 minutes.

However, the 40 minute delay in starting meant that we finally hit the sack at 2:30am. The good news is that in the 80 minutes we had to wait, we found we could nab tickets for the Odd Couple..

Up on Sunday at the crack of 10am, feeling like we've been involved in a road accident. Breakfast at Ryans beside Frasers, and then onto see the Trees at the George hotel. I ran down and caught up with Sarah. Due to a cold, Betty (Tree) couldnt make "The Odd Couple", so we all belted down there for 3:15 (again, same damn room in the assembly rooms!).

Really good. Odd to see Bill Bailey and Alan Davies in a play. Good stuff.

Final sprint to see Danny Bhoy at the Assembly rooms (in George Street - thank god - I was begining to think I was setting up residence on the Mound..).

An old fashioned, well paced stand up comedian. No frills, no gimmicks - just an hour of very good comedy. Catch this lad for his Frenchmen impersonations if nothing else.

Train to Dundee, and home at 1am. Not bad for a "quick trip to Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon"...