Active Directory Integration

Two years ago, I started to integrate FirM with Microsoft Active Directory. Recently, I've just completed another assignment, again integrating Domino with Active Directory.

Its not really that hard - especially from Lotusscript. You can use "COM" based calls directly from script, and that seems to work. However, what we quickly found using that approach was that any sort of error, and you would get a COM subsystem failure, and that lead to instability for the rest of the session. Lots of blue-screens and whatnot.

So being the geek that I am, I architected the back-end code for FirM and Active Directory using an LSX - a LotusScript Xtension DLL. Its a cross-platform coding standard for Lotus Notes - and it presents itself as a class within Lotusscript - in the same manner as say "NotesDocument". Excellent stuff. (Check out the LSX Toolkit on the Lotus Downloads area. Its not for the faint-hearted, believe me..)

What I've also found is that its quite fast. For instance, comparing Domino person document fields with relevant Active Directory "Person" object attributes. I initially "worst-estimated" that this might take 45 minutes in a 3,000 user environment. So I was really blown away to see it happen on a test rig (so slow machine, etc), in under five minutes. Reliably.

So now I have a really interesting AD LSX, just crying out to be used more. However, money as it is, I cant just release it as open source, much as I would love to. (I dont get paid by other folks to develop cool things such as this unfortunately).

So - assuming that the interface itself is of sufficient interest - how much would people pay for this level of integration with Lotusscript ?

For instance, could I sell an AD "Syncronisation" application that would keep AD and domino person document fields up to date, along with this DLL, to any old corporation ?

(Note that this is *not* a competitor to the Domino AD Synch tooling - that goes a little further into User creation. And of course, this cant compete with our own FirM product - which takes that model even further, right down to creating user records and home shared drives on servers).

Whaddyathink ? How much would a 1,000 user company pay ? How much would a 10,000 user company pay ? And how much would a 50,000 user company pay ?