Live on the Lawn, 2005.

Okay. I admit it. I'm married, and have been for over 18 years. Much to everyones (including mine) amazement. And for *anyone* to put up with me for sooo long is incredible. However, she does rather get her own back sometimes.

For instance, this weekend, she booked us up for a "Live on the Lawn 2005" Rock concert at Crathes Castle, near Aberdeen. Its a lovely location, and the "long and winding road" up to the castle is stunning. Even when you have to walk it, as we did.

Suitably excited, she nagged me into getting there on time - and so we were fifth in the queue when the gates opened (not bad when there were 5,000 tickets sold).

The whole queue then shuffled, limped and hobbled a mile or so uphill to the castle.

Being three hours early meant that we got prime spots, right at the front, and got to people-watch the crowd, waiting for the bar to open. (Huge tent, huge "Tennents" logos everywhere. I walked up and said "what kind of beer do you have".. No reaction.. Ahh well).

So beer in hand, we waited and waited. Thankfully, whilst being overcast, it didnt actually rain. It was *cold* though- three layer weather with a blanket and groundsheet in the carrier bag.

Some other folks decided to flaunt the "no seats, no sharp pointy things, no bottles, no food" policy and literally set up a three seat, groundsheet and *coffee table* picnic behind us, and started chomping through what looked like a three course meal. With bottle of wine, of course. Rock and Roll, or what.

By seven, the support act - Andy Cortes - was warming up the crowd. Fantastic guitar player - played five different types of music, all well. One to watch.

By 9pm, the place was heaving. The crowd were on their feet, the atmosphere was building up.

The headline act had arrived.

Status quo

Yup. The crowd, by this time resembling a wide-angle shot from "village of the dammed", were shuffling and making as much noise as they could, false teeth permitting. All making noise for the two guys who are to celebrate their 40th year on the road this year. Wow.

Now whilst I hear some sniggering at the back, it must be said they did play continuously for an hour and a bit, bounced around the stage, and entertained us all. A whole bunch of fun. Very very good.

Since we were planted right beside the left hand speaker stack, the security guy kindly gave us some earplugs, meaning that we could actually hear them play, as opposed to suffer immediate and permanent ear damage. Some of the others just turned off their hearing aids... (Oh, and the whole thing was ran by the National Trust for Scotland - the folks in charge of old things, thus increasing the irony level a few notches)

For any real fans - seriously - they rocked. Loved it.