You just cant get the staff...

El Reg states here that Bill Gates has been bemoaning the lack of good computer science graduates in the US. (This is the same chap who wants to import as many indian programmers as he wants. remember)

Well. D'oh!. Take a profession where you have to re-learn everything every five years (it used to be two), with NO job security, and with every prospect your money-grabbing boss will shift your job to some third world country (even though Outsourcing has been proved to save no money whatsoever), and what did you think would happen ?

Take all those factors, and some no-brainer job in Government and Law, where you might not get stellar salaries but you will be employed till you retire. Exciting ? No. Secure ? Yes. And you dont end up flying across continents at the drop of a hat, and can be home for tea with the wife every night. And have a life.

Is it any surprise that people going into tertiary education will examine their post-education options, and pick one at least that has a future ?