TFI Friday. What a week. Still, tonight, I go home and meet up with my Brother - he's just flown in from Thailand (and his arms are very tired - boom boom!).

And of course, next week, the Short Way Round cross Europe tour starts in anger. I'll be thinking of you all sweltering at your desks, watching the clock slowly drag around to 5pm, as I ascend a 3,000m peak in the alps on my 15-year old motorbike... 

As usual, its wild optimisim and technology versus experience and reality. Two (or three) Geeks up a mountain. I'm taking the terrible XDA2 phone, loaded with TomTom as a GPS device, stealing an MP3 player, and have got the walkie talkies all wired into the bike intercom. I'm going to try and bungee on the digital camea and find a remote shutter button for it.

The new chain is now on (an old bike with a gleaming gold "Bling!" chain. Looks odd), thanks to Ralf. The Lad has a new bike this year, so no more 10-hour burns at 12,000 RPM on a 400cc bike to keep up. And hopefully no more "Backside Cramp" jumping-around-the-carpark sessions.

I'll try and record the adventures as we go along - but the delights of the Val D'isere bars might get in the way. I *was* going to cobble together a win-moble app to send eMails every 20 minutes and have a moving map display here showing progress (or lack of). But guess what. Ran out of time.

An interesting week personally too. The EdBrill blog on Workplace designer  - Stan mentioned that there was "A lot of pent-up sanity in there", and Jack mentioned "Wow! Bill, you need to be a politician!". Thanks, y'all.