It can only get better.

My trip to Jersey was successful (cant say much at this point, I'm afraid. If this means nothing to you - tough. Theere's a reason for this. However, it will impact my ESPN bar binges at 'fear 2006, sorry folks)

Oh - and folks - Volker Webber - he of fame - is in Jockoland this week. Should I invite him to casa-buchan for some lawn-cutting classes (the back green is approaching two feet in depth, and we're loosing small children in there).

On that note, I had a long interesting telephone chat with Volkers host (again, if you dont know, sorry), and confirmed my thinking on Workplace.

Basically, if your a burnt-out lotusscript jockey, fighting for work in the big bad world, get into workplace. Now. Attend one of the many workplace!live seminars (one of our customers did, and loved it).