I'm away from home quite a bit, with a monster laptop with a dvd drive. But I dont like taking excess baggage along, such as DVD's to watch in the evening. So I was quite interested in RatDVD.

I've tried ripping DVD's before and found it to be a tedious and error prone process. A real PITA. However, RatDVD suggested I used DVDDecrypt to rip the disk, then RatDVD takes all of the (10+gb of files), makes a single windows media player file, and compresses it. Okay, it takes 15 mins to rip, and an hour to Rat, but I'm now the proud owner of the complete Italian Job first movie as a 1.8gb file on my spare hard drive (down from 8gb). And all the DVD menu's work, etc, etc. Amazing.

Well recommended. Obviously only use to rip content you've already paid for. else the RIAA will come and hunt you down.