What a week.

And a nice evening in Penrith, at the George Arms in the square, just supping good beer and watching life go by. Followed by an uneventful friday morning and a nice drive home.

This weekend - we went looking for a replacement for the Audi (poor Audi) and thought we wanted another small car. So we test drove a Mini Cooper S. What a hoot - 0-60 in 7.2 seconds, 6 forward gears, and a very very good ride - you can actually talk in the car whilst its doing insane speeds, and try as I might, I couldnt get the thing to misbehave. So I think we might just get one of these in September. Cant afford it, but sod it - life's too short.

And then a quick bike ride this evening, and popped around to a mates house. He was at the Isle of Man TT last weekend, strapped a video camera to his bike, and went round the course. He passed everything in site - fast sports bikes, the lot. I *think* he was the only guy with a pillion passenger as well.. Insane...