The Great Round Britain Car challenge..

As part of this current engagement, I've got to do lots of driving. This weekend for instance, I couldnt get decent flights home, and therefore had to drive from near Birmingham to my house. 430 miles. Not bad.

Well, aside from the laughable state of the so-called "motorway" system in Englandshire. All the way from Birmingham to Madchester was choked - a sort of slow-moving carpark. Nightmare. I can see why folks dont want to do it, and given that the same 7 hour journey would take 14 hours on the train, I can see why folks fly.

This morning was far better. Aside from the 3am start. Got to work by 9:30am, but in shorts. Did I mention that it was *sunny* in Jockoland over the weekend and I fell asleep in my hammock ? And therefore sport the shortest, reddest legs outside of a lobster farm ?

Now there's a mental picture to leave you with. A sunburnt ewok..