Another Lazy weekend

Looking forward to the fun next week. On a side note, a friend of mine from up north has got a job in Southern Holland in my old stamping ground, picking through the debris of a horrible project.

Aside from that - just a lazy weekend, snoozing on the sofa and catching up with the TT races. Every year, I promise to go, and every year I singularly fail to do so. Unlike my mate Ralf, who was again this year. He strapped a video camera to his bike for Mad Sunday - so no guesses what I'll be doing next weekend.

And  - again - Volker is visiting scotland, a mere 33 miles south-west of me. And again, I've commited the crime of not being organised enough to go down and say "Hi!". Shame on me. Still, he does seem to like Scottish food, and I'm absolutely sure his hosts have laid on the very best for him. Just go home and tell all your friends that Scotland is far far better than Englandshire for hollidays!