Solaris Upgrade

After all the excitement of last week, I decided to calm down and do something that'd been long overdue. Upgrade my long-suffering Ultrasparc 5 sparc box from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10.

Whilst I can get solaris and domino running, I'm not what you'd call a red-blooded Un*x administrator, so it was always going to be cautious. But after downloading (for free!) six CD-ROM's from, I started.

Okay - its a five year old machine. I've put half a gig of memory in it, and a new 120 gig hard drive - but I wasnt expecting lightening fast performance. I'd also steeled myself to the very distinct posibility that Solaris 10 wouldnt support this old machine, and/or Domino v6.5.4 would have issues running on it.

Not in the least. One of the smoothest machine upgrades I've done in years. No scrabbling around for drivers, no "D'oh!" moments. I even managed to FTP back on all the data whilst the last piece of install was running.

All of this was done in "offline" mode - that is, I'd wander to the loft for 5 minutes every half an hour or so to change CD's, or click on "Next".

Ahh. If only all operating system installs were this painless...