The Joys of ActiveSync

Three days of beating my head against Microsoft Activesync. It transpires that the defaul driver (wceusbsh.*) in XP is incorrect and has to be overwritten, and that you HAVE to have a valid Outlook profile for ActiveSync to even start up the USB port drivers.

Of course, this isnt actually documented anywhere, and of course there's no actual error message to go on. Lovely, eh ?

So I took the opportunity to load Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (DAMO) and ran it against my domino mailfile with outlook 2003. And I'm very very impressed. Nice piece of kit, should you be forced into the outlook client.

Outlook, as we all know, is very sexy. Pretty. But of course is a major VDE (Virus Distribution Engine). So now by default Outlook doesnt even load up pictures in your eMail by default. Horrible. A retrograde step, in my humble opinion.