Sully is Born

Phew. New machine - setup hell.

Of course, you always forget just how much software you have to install. Such as Office, Visio, Project, Photoshop, Acrobat, Lotus Notes, Domino, Visual Studio C++ and Basic, IBM Rational Developer v6, winzip, VNC. God - 12 hours in and I think I have it all on there.

So why "Sully" ? He's the big blue monster from Monsters Inc. And as you can see from the photo, its less of a laptop than a desktop with a lid. Its a clear 2 inches wider and longer than a "large" size PC. Still, in that I get a 1900x1400 screen and 2gb of Ram. Perfect for those DVD widescreen movies, as well as Workplace Demos. Surprsingly, this XPS Gen 2 is slightly lighter than my old Inspiron 8200.. Mind you - I cant fit both batteries in at the same time giving me the 5 hours I used to have..