New Joisey.

Made it to NJ, and have a terrific view of the freeway and a parking lot. Whoever called it the "garden state" has a terrific sense of humour, but as Robin Williams says, you cant fit "petrochemical and heavy manufacturing state" onto the license plate.

Got an upgrade from Aberdiiin to Hamsterjam, but not from AMS to JFK. Damn. Still, the head purser came back and called me "Mr Booochun", and claimed I flew a lot with them. Which was nice, as it unlocked the "He's a platinum class, give him whatever he wants" door. It made it more bearable.

I did send SWMBO a text messsage from my seat. The KLM flight was on a new 777, so it was movies on demand, SMS, eMail. But no wireless internet - booo. And no laptop charging point on the seat.  So it was the third Pratchett science book instead, discussing evolution.