Its new Laptop Time!

I got authorisation from SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) to lease a new laptop. The current monster is 2.5 years old and starting to creak with the demands that portal and workplace put on it.

So. Thinks I - need a machine with 2gb. One with a HUGE screen. One very very fast machine. So I just ordered a Dell XPS Generation 2 machine. Part of me wanted to get an IBM thinkpad on the Business Partner discount scheme - but I've only heard of one person who actually negotiated the multitude of hurdles necessary for that.

Dell, on the other hand, whilst expensive, offers very good, robust kit. The current monster, for instance, has done over 100,000 miles in the last two years, and only has a piece of melted casework to show for it. (I stupidly used it next to a big candle in a bar in Appeldorn. As the candle burnt down, so did the case..)

7-10 days for delivery, and FINALLY I can boot up RAD 6 without taking 30 minutes.. Ohh, the anticipation...