The futures' bright, the futures blue.

The Big Blue software machine just sucked another Lotus notes legend back into its clutches yesterday - Mr Bob Babalan. Excellent move!

Which leads me to believe that IBM are doing everything in its power to improve conditions for us poor independent consultants by hoovering as many folks back as possible. Which isnt a bad thing!

Okay. Perhaps I'm kidding.

We're on the cusp of a new age here. Workplace v2.5 is out real soon now. Tension is building. This isnt some lame X-Box2 release, or some nebulous statement as to where exchange is going in the next decade (answer: Nowhere). This is where most domino programmers and infrastructure guys need to direct themselves in the very near future.

it does a couple of interesting things (IMHO):

  • It allows (by use of a plug-in version of notes) you to surface any notes application onto a workplace page, whether it be online or running locally on your machine. In Windows. Mac and LINUX. Yup, penguins will be able to play (finally!)
  • The workplace designer looks very very like Domino designer. Now before you start saying Domino designer looks bad - it was done with the express intent of allowing the 500,000 or so lotusscript jockys out there a very easy transition to workplace. Which is good.

One downside is that the server requires a minimum of 2gb (recommended: 4gb) of memory to run. I've got a workplace v2 box upstairs runnong on 1.25gig, and its consuming 1.8gb - so its paging like crazy. When they say minimum 2gb - they *mean* it.