Born to be Mild...

Another couple of runs on the (motor)bike today. Good fun. The sprog needed picked up after her computing exam (which she says she did well in - thank god. Imagine a non-geek daughter!), so she came home on the back.

During the ride back, the speedo cable dropped out of the spedometer. No matter how much jiggling, it wouldnt go back, and the sleeve holding it in place - no chance. So.

Off came the fairing. 30+ bolts, the indicators, headlamp, mirrors, the lot. Two hours to disassemble. 30 seconds to put the speedo cable back on, and another hour to assemble. Much cursing and swearing, but its done now.

I tried out TomTom on my XDA 2 with my 30-dollar GPS bluetooth device. Works a treat. "Take the next left", etc, etc. So a little more pre-planning (just try changing route with biking gloves on through the plastic top of a tankbag), and its all good to go. The phone (as previously noted) hooks into the bike intercom system, along with an MP3 player and a walkie-talkie. So I can listen to MP3's, chat with the lad (with an impressive 4 mile range), receive phone calls, and now not get lost. Which is a huge improvement on last time. (Oh. Bike intercom. Go for Autocom. Dont try and save money, as the cheaper ones just dont work)

Remember - the lardies Summer party in Nice, July 9th. Myself and the lad are biking down again - 2,000 miles round trip in my case. Just another few weeks and we'll be on the road again. Nice...

So I need a quick debugging run to Skye and back - 500 miles of lovely, twisty highland road. Perhaps in the next few weeks.