HADSL European Sales Conference

Apologies for the radio silence. I've been in southern Holland for the last couple of days, at the HADSL European sales conference. Much talk, and much work. Oh and curry and sushi, and gallons and gallons of spa-gold.

One of the interesting things about relaunching a product is the amount of actual work that has to be done - work that magically has to happen before launch day. Its been tough, but check back in a few days and you should see the fruit of our labours. Of course, this means that your favourite Uber-geek has been doing far more than cutting code - preparing marketing material (MARCOM), interviewing, product strategy, approach,. One thing it has given me is an intimate understanding of just how difficult it is to actually prepare all this stuff in a professional fashion. I now have a great deal of sympathy for those non-geeks in major companies who ensures that all of this is ready.

One exciting new development is that on the new HADSL web site (soon, I promise!) you'll see a new professional blog format which will attempt to define and drive the Enterprise software development marketplace along. We've got some of the deepest thinkers in the industry lined up and ready to pass on their knowlege, analysis and understanding. I hope that it lives up to your already very high expectations.