Busy, Busy Busy..

I've been at home all week, working furiously on FirM (the new name for iDM) enhancements and working on a rebranding and relaunch of the product.

God - its a lot of work. But different. And fun. You know its fun when the wife prizes your face off the keyboard after the 7th 12-hour session in a row, and your still grinning.

So today - in order to appease SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) I cut the grass. First time this year. And 25 10-gallon bags of the stuff is sitting at the end of the drive. 250 gallons. So no - not compost material stuff at all.

God, Knackered. Still - Tuesday, Wednesday in EHV, and Thursday in London. So still lots of fun to be had.