Okay. This is UberGeek.

So I finally get broadband. And of course it has a fixed IP address. And a sodding great (double-)firewalled router servicing it. So far so good. And a win2k3 server behind it, running VPN.

So now I can VPN to home. Fairly straightforward.

Now - Tivo is actually a Linux device running on Power PC (you know the IBM RISC chip thats going to power the XBox2...). So you can load a web server on it. And therefore you can view and control the tivo from the internet. Much hilarity one night in the pub in EHV, controlling the Tivo in my house in Scotland. And of course you can pull video off it (I have the first episodes of Dr Who from the new series, whilst my daughter has an unhealty obsession with Desperate Housewives)

Fairly mundane so far.

But tonight, on the sofa, using by XDA2 and playing with the menus. And I found terminal services client. So logged into the win2k3 server (via the secure wireless link) and took over the machine in the loft. (Remember, I can also VPN over the 'net to this machine.) And started up VMWare v5 (which is fantastic, BTW.) And controlled a test partition on VMWare on win2k3. Which is starting to get interesting.

However, one problem. I have a 45 kilo, 1600x1200 res monitor in the loft, and of course the XDA has a 320x200 (I think) screen. So its a bit like having a bucket with a glass bottom, and trying to find the titanic.

Now. All I need is a secure VNC client, and I can control the more interesting loft-based machines - the solaris and AIX boxes..

Oh - and for the host of microsofties who skim this blog: Can you do me a favour and find the twerp in Redmond who decided that Windows Mobile 2003 doesnt need an [ESC] key, and give hiim a good slap upside the head for me ? I mean. Terminal services. Remote control of a PC. Either spend five minutes scrolling to the "cancel" button on the dialog (if you can find it - if the scroll bars are visible), or hit [ESC]. Oh - but there's not one. Thanks. 10/10 for effort, 5/10 for implementation and about 2/10 for common sense. D'oh!