A day at Starbucks...

I poodled like a sloth out of slothdom up the road on the bike this morning (note: MotorBike. Me Cycle ? Ho ho ho), braving the hailstones and crosswinds. In order to actually get it serviced - this time.

Success. Correct week. Correct day. and just a four-hour wait to cope with. So I trudged round Aberdeen and installed myself in Starbucks. I'm now completely caffinated, twitching. Lovely.

And then its off to the Zebmeisters new house to see how he's getting on. Should be a laugh.

Jobfront has been interesting. I went for jobs in Glasgow and Perth. And was told "The client has no money" and "The client screwed up the jobspec". Lovely. So its back to applying for London-based contracting. Sigh. So much for working from home more. Ahh well, it was worth a try.

The big news today - Rocky has joined IBM again. Good for him - it sounds like an excellent move..

Postscript: When I picked the bike up from the workshop, the guy mentioned that a MOUSE has been eating my seat! A MOUSE! God! Thats it - I'm getting a "gas him again!" cat tomorrow